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We are excited to announce our release of multitenant provisioning and supporting deployment approach for our OEM partners’ embedded solutions in Qlik Cloud.

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Qlik now offers multitenant provisioning in Qlik Cloud for our OEM and ISV partners

Multitenant provisioning provides our OEM and ISV partners with a deployment model that fits their deployment patterns with each end customer receiving their own tenant. Using multiple tenants logically separates end customers, removing any potential data security issue and, importantly, allowing end customers to use all features in Qlik Cloud.

Multitenant Provisioning for our OEM and ISV partners addresses the following use cases for an OEM partner:   

  • Creation of a new tenant
  • Configuration of a tenant
  • Hydration and updates of a tenant


As the preferred cloud deployment pattern, a multitenant approach allows our partners to provision tenants in a low cost, quick and efficient manner with API-supported automations.  CTO Tim Burke, at ISV partner Arch Systems, mentioned during his participation in Qlik’s Early Access Program, “One of the things we’ve been excited about collaborating with Qlik on is increased levels of automation for multitenant scenarios like ours…we’re exploring some of the more advanced Qlik APIs they have…allowing us to increase even further our levels of automation around deploying a Qlik app, especially an update to all of our individual customers.”

With this deployment model, our partners will realize the following:

  • Faster deployments and time to market for their solutions using public, documented APIs and organizational credentials
  • Reduced cost and complexity for maintenance, upgrades, infrastructure and security
  • Fewer product walls and custom security requirements


These benefits will improve our OEM and ISV partners’ total cost of ownership, ease the journey to Qlik Cloud and provide immediate access to best in class analytics with a full range of augmented capabilities.

Additionally, our existing Qlik Cloud monitoring apps now support multitenancy. Data spanning multiple tenants will be able to be collected and viewed from a single parent tenant. An ISV partner can now see metrics and information from all of their Qlik Cloud tenants within a single dashboard, which will be made available in the near future as the ‘OEM Dashboard’. This new capability is entirely additive to our existing monitoring apps. This capability can be toggled on or off, allowing both OEM partners (and enterprise customers) to use the same monitoring apps.




To learn more about Qlik’s approach to multitenant provisioning, please watch the following introductory video

For OEM and ISV partners, our approach will ease your journey to Qlik Cloud with onboarding capabilities that can be integrated into your own onboarding flows so that your customers receive our full platform experience from point of purchase.   

Qlik Cloud APIs support provisioning automations and further extend data analytics in an OEM’s solutions downstream – faster, easier time to market, less manual overhead, flexibility to integrate analytics provisioning as an OEM prefers.

We encourage you to learn more about our multitenant approach through the resources below: 


This capability can be toggled on or off, allowing both OEM partners (and enterprise customers) to use the same monitoring apps - learn more 

We’re here to help you with your journey to Qlik Cloud.  Please find additional information on multitenant provisioning in our Partner FAQ.