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This blog post introduces QlikView April 2019 and how enhancements drive cohesion between QlikView and Qlik Sense. This release introduces unified licensing and QlikView links within Qlik Sense to achieve never-before-seen product connections. 

We are pleased to unveil QlikView April 2019, which you may recognize as being outside our typical QlikView release cadence. This release coordinates with the Qlik Sense release because the functionality included with QlikView April 2019 takes a major step in bringing QlikView and Qlik Sense closer together.

Core to our strategy is to drive Qlik Sense adoption across the QlikView user base. Qlik Sense is an ideal end-to-end modern analytics platform for QlikView users developing new applications and for new use cases.


The April 2019 release includes unified licensing, which gives each user a single key to access both QlikView and Qlik Sense, particularly valuable to those who have taken advantage of dual-use licensing. Unified licensing reduces license management challenges and improves compliance1. Furthermore, through compatibility with the Qlik Licensing Service, customers have an increased level of visibility into Qlik license usage. And, updates to the April 2019 Qlik Sense License Monitor give organizations better management across both products.

This release also includes the ability to link-to QlikView apps through a common portal within Qlik Sense. Users of both solutions can simply access the Qlik Sense Multi-Cloud Hub and launch their QlikView app on a QlikView server.QlikView Links within Qlik SenseQlikView Links within Qlik SenseFinally, April 2019 brings the introduction of a new App Profiler within the QlikView Governance Dashboard. The App Profiler answers questions about different QlikView app characteristics, so you can identify which would be the most viable candidates for migration to Qlik Sense. Answer questions about apps most-frequently used, complexity, and compatibility with Qlik Sense. You may also configure thresholds corresponding to the App Profiler’s findings.    QlikView Governance Dashboard -- App ProfilerQlikView Governance Dashboard -- App Profiler

Additional functional updates driving product unification are planned later in the year. You can download QlikView April 2019 here. Follow this blog for more information.

  1. You must be on QlikView April 2019 and Qlik Sense April 2019 releases or later to leverage unified licensing.