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Hi everyone.

Hope you are enjoying the newly redesigned Qlik Community and the features it offers users, including the Unified Search capabilities, the navigation and home page changes, and the overall look and feel (I know I do!). If you want to read more about the changes, check out the community manager posts here and here.

With these changes affecting the Ideation board I wanted to remind everyone of a few best practices for submitting an idea that help us evolve and grow the process. 

1. Please remember to only add 1 label per post. Product Managers are assigned based primarily on the label and ideas with 2 labels will not automatically be assigned. This may lengthen the time it takes to be reviewed. 

2. Please search for an idea before you submit. Our new Unified Search Capability provides a better experience for this - you can now search the entire community and see any relevant ideas, support questions, AND posts about that topic. Remember, any duplicate ideas will be closed and directed to the existing idea. The more support a single idea has, the better!

3. Get engaged! As we work to grow Ideation and implement more standardized review cycles, we hope to find our users active and ready to give feedback. Please check out the upcoming community roadmap sessions, blog posts, and available technical previews to find new ways to get involved.

As always, thank you for participating in our community and our Ideation process. I am excited to get to know everyone as we make improvements. 


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If you have trouble typing out your idea, check out some ideas submitted by @AndrewMcIlwrick or @simonaubert, who are our most active submitters. With any other issues check out the idea resources on the right pane of the forum or comment here.