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Q&A with Qlik

Find recordings and transcripts for the Q&A with Qlik webinar series (formally Talk to Experts Tuesday).

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Digital Support
Digital Support

Q&A with Qlik - Dec. 14, 2021 - Refining Reports and Visualizations

This is the recording of Qlik Support's monthly webinar series, "Q&A with Qlik", which hosts a panel of tech experts to answer your questions live! Its our channel to hear directly from you. December 2021's topic was on Refining Reports and Visualizations.


  • 08:56 Limiting the number of rows in a straight table
  • 13:09 Will QlikView reflect the current Qlik Sense Visualization abilities?
  • 15:11 Qlik Reporting Services and SaaS upcoming items
  • 16:21 Customize color with multiple measures in a stacked bar chart
  • 20:37 Defining colors of a measure or dimension in a chart
  • 22:45 Dynamic colors
  • 23:49 Titles
  • 24:28 How do we customize font color inside and size labels.
  • 26:23 How to set the worksheet grid line to the option narrow as default.
  • 28:17 Would it also be possible to set colors in the theme by default.
  • 32:29 Advice for a junior data analyst to implement data visualizations.
  • 34:18 Visualizations into storytelling and refreshing data
  • 37:47 How to set background colors and tables by master item
  • 38:44 Downloading Qlik Nprinting
  • 40:28 Account sign-in for downloads and Community
  • 42:17 Connecting two sheets that are in apps together.
  • 44:06 CSS Hacks and Pivots
  • 46:25 Is there any setting for download data format?
  • 47:55 Programmatically export the underlying data of a visualization
  • 50:05 Dynamic Buttons
  • 50:44 Adding expressions in the title
  • 52:09 Adding help text or hover text to titles


Please see transcript attached.

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