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This forum was created for professors and students using Qlik within academia.


It’s been a busy year for the Qlik Academic Program. Now with a presence in more than 85 countries and with over 1600 Universities involved across the lifetime of the program; we are reaching more and more students to help them on their data journeys, and helping them to secure the jobs that they want. With 2019 coming to a close, we thought that it was a great opportunity to look back at everything that we’ve achieved and to review our highlights:

  1. During the first half of the year the team worked on developing a brand new “professor toolkit.” After receiving feedback from some of our professors that the volume and range of resources available could be a little overwhelming, we decided to put a comprehensive guide together. In the document our professors can find an overview of everything that’s on offer, from accessing the software to demo applications and even an example syllabus. We hope that this will make integrating our resources into the classroom easier and even more effective.
  2. In September we held our first ever Academic Program webinar. This was intended to give new students and professors some guidance through what the program involves, a brief introduction to the software and the opportunity to ask any questions. We have held 3 webinars to date and the response has been overwhelming, with 157 registrants for one session and 42 attendees for another. This shows that there is a strong interest in the program and great potential for us to continue to grow in size. You can find the webinars that we have scheduled for 2020 on the QCC Calendar.
  3. Finally, in line with Qlik’s wider transition to becoming a SaaS first company, the Academic Program has now upgraded its software offering to Qlik Sense Business. This provides our members with a total storage size of 250GB as well as the option to create up to 5 shared spaces where they can assign an unlimited number of users. This allows for easy collaborative work and sharing of apps for assessment by professors.

With all these strides that we have made this year, we are looking forward to an even more successful 2020 where we can improve data literacy and employability amongst more students across the globe. If you are a University student or professor and you are not a member of the program yet, you can sign up here: qlik.com/academicprogram

Merry Christmas from all of the Academic Program team, and we wish you a Happy New Year!