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As a brand new Qlikkie I took the Business Analyst Exam! Here are a few tips.

As the final part of my onboarding with Qlik I had to complete the Business Analyst pathway and sit the exam. This involves building an app in Qlik Sense following the app building guidelines provided, and then answering 40 multiple choice questions some of which are based on the app. I only joined Qlik in September, not only was Qlik Sense totally new to me but so was data analytics. I was extremely nervous about taking this exam, however the step-by-step interactive videos and take away documents made the course straightforward, and the exam was the same. As long as you read everything thoroughly and don’t rush, you’d be surprised at how quickly you pick up the basics of Qlik Sense and start to work some of the functionality out for yourself.

A few tips I have if you are sitting the exam:

  • Read the app build instructions carefully, everything you need to know for the build is in there but it’s easy to skim read and miss a step that you’ll then need to correct later.
  • The first part of the exam is the app build and this is not timed. This part took me a long time and I did it over a few days, make the most of the fact you don't have to hurry. 
  • Don’t take shortcuts during the app build, if you don’t understand why a step is necessary then it might be a good idea to revisit the training module.
  • When studying for the exam, I did it first thing in the morning and I turned off my phone and closed my emails. It is very easy to get distracted, especially when you’re doing something on a screen that allows for endless notifications.
  • I was working in the Qlik Sense Cloud for this which meant product updates often meant my screen looked slightly different to the training videos. Don’t let this deter you, when you get used to working in the cloud environment the layout and slight differences become clearer.
  • Some parts of the app build process will come naturally to you, others may not. You won’t be able to avoid any part of the build process during the exam, so it’s best to rewatch the videos on the parts you are less confident with. 


We hope you found this helpful! And if you want to learn more about the Qlik Academic Program and our qualifications, then visit qlik.com/academicprogram for more information.