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Data Science - The Hot Market!

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Per Statista, the big data market is growing rapidly, with $42 B USD revenues in 2018 and a massive increase to an expected $1.89 B in 2019. Corporations are adopting new technologies to help manage integration and draw insights from big data. In the telecommunications industry alone, around 94.5 percent of respondents representing the telecommunications industry stated that their organization currently used big data technology as of 2018. 

The increase in big data has created the need for employees with specific skill sets, people who the industry call Data Scientists!   According to LinkedIn, there has been a 56% increase in data scientist job openings in the US since 2018, and a recent report by Indeed revealed a 29% year-over-year increase (and 344% increase since 2013). Aside from the many business insights that can support sales, marketing and product development, mining user data and making it available to fuel artificial intelligence and machine learning is considered the new gold rush by many venture capitalists.  For the full story on the hot market for data scientists visit CIO - Data Science

Now is the time for university students to get a head of the game and learn the vital skills needed to land these coveted  jobs. The Qlik Academic Program has the tools and resources needed so that students can learn Qlik Sense, a leading BI tool and receive a certificate to put on their resume!

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