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Data analytics club inauguration at Anurag Group of Institutions

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I had the honour of being invited to attend the annual event of Anurag Group of Institutions, ‘Aagam 2019’ in Hyderabad, India during March  as one of its guests. Along with me, Dr. Rajiv Sharma Secretary- SERB, Govt. of India and Bala Peddigari, Technology Head, Digital Initiatives-TCS, India's leading software company were the other guests invited .

The Data Analytics Club was inaugurated on this day whose mission is to focus on career development and equip students with the right skills and tools in analytics. In pursuit of this goal, the club will endeavor to provide hands-on experience through, learning, events, program simulations and guest lectures. Along with other technologies, Qlik would be an integral part of learning at this club.

Already, more than 55 students and Professors from Anurag Group have successfully gained the Qlik Sense Business Analyst qualification showing their commitment to the academic program and Qlik. More initiatives to develop wider engagement between AGI and Qlik are planned

anurag 28.5 a.jpgPresenting Qlik Sense Business Analyst qualification certificate to a successful studentanurag 28.5 b.jpgSuccessful student completing the Qlik Sense Business Analyst qualification exams

More than 200 students and Professors attended this event and I spoke on the need for students to learn data analytics considering the times of transformation and technological changes we are witnessing. Convergence of technologies in AI, machine learning, robotics are taking shape and analytics plays a crucial role in this.  Gaining data literacy is key for interactions with these technologies and Qlik provides the latest learning resources through the academic program to get students and professors get enabled in analytics.  

To know how your University/institution could develop an engagement with the Qlik Academic Program and take benefit of the free analytics resources, including qualifications as Business Analyst and Data Architect, visit: https://www.qlik.com/us/academicprogram

or drop an email on academicprogram@qlik.com 



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This is amazing!  We love seeing our professors and students on the journey to becoming Data Literate.  Congratulations Anurag Group of Institutions!!