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Degree Apprenticeships - The new higher education route in the UK

This week I was back in the classroom at Ravensbourne University London, introducing Qlik to first years studying for a BSc in Digital & Technology Solutions. But this wasn't the typical student audience. Mid-week lie-ins and late night partying isn't such a reality for this lot. This is a Higher Apprenticeship Degree course which means that the students are employed by a company and have a combined routine of work and study. On this particular course many of the apprentices are employed by BT, and they have a cycle of 4-6 weeks of full time work and then 1 week of full time study at University. 

This new approach offers a valuable alternative to university, with the qualification to match. But apprentices will not be burdened with student debt, as their tuition fees are paid by the employer and the government. What's more, degree apprenticeships have proven that they can increase female participation in male dominated subjects (34 per cent compared with 29 per cent in similar traditional degree courses.) So what's not to love!?

Well it looks as though many schools and colleges still do not provide students with the same levels of information around degree apprenticeships as they do about the traditional university route. Also, family and friends can sometimes have a stigmatised view of apprenticeships which can heavily influence students decision making. So it seems like there is still a way to go to have degree apprenticeships seen in the same light as traditional university courses. Jassiem Moore, a Higher and Degree Apprenticeships Officer gives his opinion here: https://feweek.co.uk/2019/04/03/how-to-move-more-school-leavers-towards-degree-apprenticeships/

If you are a studying for a degree apprenticeship or lecturing on a degree apprenticeship course you can access the free Business Intelligence software and training resources offered by Qlik as part of our Academic Program: qlik.com/academicprogram