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Predictive Analytics and the Next Generation of Healthcare Workers

Using analytics to save lives

Kaiser Permanente, a Healthcare giant based in California has 12 million health plan members and employs more than 217,000 people, including nearly 60,000 nurses and 23,000 doctors and manages a whole lot of data!  With that data comes a great responsibility to take action and ensure that patient care is always first.

With the help of analytics, Kaiser Permanente managed to wrangle and analyze their data to revel insights that would otherwise be overlooked in traditional excel spreadsheets. Through their analysis, they realized that non ICU patients who required transfer to the ICU only made up 2-4% of the hospitals population however, their hospital stays lasted 12 days longer and they made up 20% of the hospitals deaths.   After learning this, the next step was how to decrease or eliminate this problem. Using the data they had, they created an algorithm to help them catch high-deterioration risk scores , non-ICU patients that were likely to deteriorate within the next 12 hours.   Having that information would allow the hospital staff to more closely monitor those patients and be much more prepared to take action, when needed. 

Ultimately a finding such as this could lead to a decrease in hospital spending and most importantly a reduction in the number of deaths.

The first step in this journey of using our data for actionable change is to be data literate!  In our near future, many of the medical staff will need to be trained on how to analyze and interpret data and it starts in school.  Qlik has already begun this journey, our Qlik Academic Program provides professors and students with leading Business Intelligence software, analytics training, and much more!  Our mission is to create a more data literate world in the hopes that students will one day use analytics to shape the future of healthcare.

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Kaiser Permanente reduces patient mortality with predictive analytics

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