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Qlik Enables Powerful Feedback and Coaching Sessions for HomeServe

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One of the UK’s leading home assistance providers HomeServe is using Qlik to drive their data transformation strategy and to improve customer satisfaction and experience for their two million customers. 

HomeServe worked with Qlik to create and build Engineer Balance Scorecards to allow the company to track individual and regional data in key areas such as: Completed jobs per day, Customer satisfaction via Rant & Rave scores, reattends (where an issue wasn’t solved in the first visit), first visit fix and complaints received.

Business leaders, managers and engineers all received training  to ensure that everyone can understand and interpret the information on the Balanced Scorecard, to ensure adoption across the field operations team. “The data and insight provided by the Balanced Scorecard has enabled us to hold powerful feedback and coaching sessions with a forward-thinking mindset, to raise the bar and continuously improve performance." Martin Holloway, Field Operations Director, HomeServe

This is a great example of how a company has use the power of Qlik to enhance their business. To get hands on with other examples from a whole range of industries you can visit our  Qlik Demo Site

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