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This forum was created for professors and students using Qlik within academia.


The “Data Science and Analytics Innovation Summit” organized by Sinhgad Institute of Management ( SIOM) Pune on 22-23 January, concluded with a massive response showcasing research papers, talks, projects in analytics, AI, machine learning etc. This event was attended by over 100 participants including Professors and students from diverse backgrounds such as Engineering, Management, Social Sciences etc.

Speakers from the academic community presented on topics such as Data Science and BI, Science on Computer Vision, Data Science and paradigm shift in education etc.

I had the opportunity and privilege to be invited as the Keynote Speaker for this event and chose to speak on “3rd Generation BI”. Some of the key points included in my talk were as follows:

The first generation BI was a centralized approach  which involved complex tech stacks that analysed multi dimensional data sets often managed by the IT dept and the focus was usually on structured data stored in traditional systems of record

The second generation BI eliminated the technical stack, added user friendly methods of preparing and loading data and developed intuitive, visual ways for users to interact with data. This initiative was led by Qlik with the introduction of Qliview

The third generation BI is a radically democratic approach that spreads analytics to every corner of the organization and it is happening right now. Businesses need to achieve data driven digital transformation in order to lead the way in their industries. The Data Literacy mission of Qlik is further leading this cause to make analytics a fundamental skill for everyone.  

The Qlik Academic Program is a step in this direction by empowering students and Professors skills in data analytics through its free resources such as online training, qualifications, analytics curriculum etc. These resources are being leveraged by  more than 1600 Universities in more than 85 countries

To learn more about the Qlik Academic Program, visit www.qlik.com/academicprogram

The way forward between SIOM and the Qlik Academic Program is to have students and Professors benefit from the program resources and get qualified and certified. This would also help build an ecosystem for Qlik Partners and customers in Pune who feel the need for skilled Qlik resources

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