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This forum was created for professors and students using Qlik within academia.


Professors and students will receive free Qlik Sense Business and additional resources by joining the Qlik Academic Program!

The Academic Program is excited to announce it is now providing Qlik’s latest SaaS offering, Qlik Sense Business, to professors and students! 


Qlik Sense Business Features:

  • No installation required
  • Always runs on the latest generally available version of Qlik Sense
  • Drag-and-drop app creation and fully integrated apps
  • A personal space to create your own content and share with anyone you wish
  • Create up to 5 shared spaces and assign an unlimited number of users to each space
  • Direct data connectivity to over 40 data sources
  • Automated data refreshes
  • Individual app limit of 1.25GB (in-memory); total storage (apps + data files) of 250GB


How can Professors and Students receive Qlik Sense Business?

Professors and students attending higher education universities should apply to the Academic Program which provides free software and additional resources to help educate and train the next generation of experts leading with data.


What benefits does the Academic Program offer?

Members will receive free, full year access to the following resources:

  • Qlik Sense Business
  • Qlik Continuous Classroom  a distance-learning platform
  • Earn a Qlik Sense Qualification, Data Analytics Certification, Data Literacy Certification and receive a printable certificate and a digital badge to share on resumes and social media sites
  • Data Analytics curriculum featuring lecture notes, on-demand videos, handouts, activities and real-world, interactive business use cases
  • Qlik Community Academic Program Space, a forum for professors and students to access resources, collaborate with others and share experiences
  • Qlik Customer Support

Apply today by visiting qlik.com/academicprogram  

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Awesome to see this! I'll be sending some students your way

This certainly is a good news. How about primary schools? Can they also sign up to this? 


Hi @s_kabir_rab 

The program is only for higher education, those attending primary school are welcome to try the free Qlik Sense Business trial


Excellent initiative to spread the culture of data 😉


hi @Sarah_Miller, thanks for the confirmation. 1 month trial is great but afraid this wont solve the problem for the future. This is a data literacy initiative I am running at my son's school and part of that program, they load data to QS desktop from my game API for the kids (8-10 years old) and let them explore with data visualisations. School funding for these projects are limited and initiative is  being run in volunteer basis by me. I was planning to take the similar format and introduce these workshops to other local schools/clubs to encourage people about data literacy. However, losing access to the desktop client and lack of funding will drive this project in the path of other alternatives, which is the unfortunate reality of these things. 

I am going back to drawing board as I have no ways to serve the Qlik content to a wider audience for these type of use case as the cost falls on to me. I am happy to hear any alternatives you may have to help me along in this scenario. Happy to take this outside this forum and discuss it offline.