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Urgent Skills Gap in the US

In an article by Forbes, it says that  95% of employers are saying that data science skills are hard to find, the need for data-savvy workers extends beyond the tech industry. A shortage of data science and analytic skills stands out as one of US' most urgent of skill gaps.

In a direct response to the growing impact of computing and data in an ever-changing digital world, universities across the nation are opening schools, forming research centers and offering new data-driven majors to meet the demands of the workforce. And they are betting that students will follow. Read more on this: https://www.forbes.com/sites/mariaclaracobo/2019/07/31/the-most-valuable-college-majors-are-where-the-jobs-are/#1eba1f6878a0

The Qlik Academic Program is committed to addressing this issue faced by the industry on one side and students on the other side by providing free resources for data analytics training and qualification. To know how you can build your skills in analytics, visit: www.qlik.com/academicprogram 

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