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This week we would like to introduce Blerim Emruli, who happens to be a returning Educator Ambassador.  We are excited to have been able to select Blerim as an Ambassador for the 2nd year in a row due to his continued enthusiasm for Qlik’s Academic Program and his efforts in 2021.

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@eblerim is a Senior Lecturer at the University of Lund Informatics which coincidently happens to be the birthplace of Qlik!  At the university he teaches courses such as Decision Support Systems, Business Intelligence, and Business and Artificial Intelligence, in both the undergraduate and graduate level. When he is not teaching students, he spends his time working on research projects, designing training courses for businesses. Most recently he designed and delivered a one-day course to business in Skåne and Blekinge (two counties located in the south of Sweden), entitled “Is AI something for our company?”. Despite all of the work he does, teaching is his passion and one of the reasons he embeds Qlik and the Academic Program into his teaching is because he firmly believes that “jobs and education go hand in hand”, so it is of the upmost importance to collaborate with industry.

When discussing why he feels he was chosen as a Qlik Educator Ambassador Blerim says, “I believe that the team from Qlik recognized my efforts to educate students to be prepared for the data literate workforce by addressing real-world projects and using practitioner-oriented tools.”

Blerim prepares his students for the data-informed workplace by incorporating a range of Qlik resources into his teaching. Since becoming an Educator Ambassador last year, he has since incorporated the Qlik Academic Program even further, “Currently, I'm updating my courses by including parts from the Data Literacy Program and Data Analytics Curriculum and steering the students to finish Qlik Qualifications and Certifications.  In addition, he also likes to take advantage of additional offerings such as Qlk’s Student Datathon, “I have used the Qlik Academic Program Datathon C40 Cities Challenge as part of a group project where students work in a group of 3 and submit their work that accounts for almost 50% of the final grade in the course”.

On asking Blerim whether he has seen positive results in terms of student employability from incorporating Qlik into his course he says “Many of my students immediately or even before graduating are taking on roles in industry as BI analysts, developers etc. In particular, I'm very proud that a number of the expat female course participants quickly got employed”.

Having been selected as a Qlik Academic Program Educator Ambassador for the second year in a row, Blerim hopes that this will enable him to “further increase [his] credentials to be even more vocal within the Department, Faculty, University, the region and the world in order to elevate Qlik and especially the Qlik Academic Program to a greater level”.

The Qlik Academic Program is honored to have Blerim Emruli back for a second year. If you’re interested in knowing more about the Datathon mentioned in this blog, registration for this years Datathon is now open and you can read more about it here. To learn more about the Qlik Academic Program visit this page qlik.com/academicprogram