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Top use cases for predictive analytics in Healthcare

Predictive analytics has led to huge improvements across all industries, allows organisations to use historical data to estimate the likelihood of a future event, and to make more informed decisions. In this post, we will be specifically focusing on the impacts on healthcare organisations.


Health IT Analytics gives a comprehensive list of 10 high value use cases for predictive analytics. This includes many examples for directly preventing risks to patients such as deterioration, development of chronic illnesses, suicide and self-harm. Furthermore, there are also examples of how health care providers can use predictive analytics to improve their operations such as managing the supply chain, forecasting appointment no-shows and ensuring data security. In fact, Lillian Dittrick, Fellow of the Society of Actuaries goes as far as to say that: “There is some kind of predictive modeling that could help improve processes in just about any facet of healthcare.”


You can read about all 10 examples that are discussed in the full article here:



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