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Professor Assignment- Aviation


Professor Assignment- Aviation

Assignment from a Business Intelligence course

Create an application using the data set provided

Focus: Aviation

Language: English

University: Millikin University- United States

Note from Professor: I am new to the QlikView Academic Program, but had great success in the classroom this past spring in a Business Intelligence course. The idea was to get beyond the basics of SQL and data design and really start to look at how data warehousing and business intelligence systems were built and the value they provided. After getting students started using QlikView, which was pretty easy with all the provided tutorials, I gave them an assignment that challenged them to wrap their heads around a lot of data (1.5 million rows). They were tasked with downloaded commercial airline flight data from the 4th Quarter of 2012 and analyze what factors led to delayed flights. Were there commonalities in carrier, departure or arrival city? Maybe it was weather related or time of day? They had several attributes to analyze, and were able to use QlikView to build a dashboard to find insights into those answers.

I feel it's not only important for information systems majors to understand how to build a database and extract the information from it, but they have to be able to interpret and critically think about the data as well.

Take a look at the assignment I used in the spring. I welcome your thoughts, input, and questions. I'm happy to provide some of the QlikView apps my students built.

RJ Podeschi

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