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It’s becoming more and more obvious that analytics can be used in any business area and indeed any organisation to drive informed decision making and positive change. So it’s well worth getting to grips with software like Qlik as the demand for analytical skills continues to grow.

But if you’re tired of looking at boring example data sets that don’t have much relevance to you, then read on. Here are a few ideas as to how you can use Qlik in your day to day life. Not only are these a great way to practice using the software, but you can also make some discoveries that might just make life a little bit sweeter!

1. Fitness- If you use any type of activity tracker you can get some deeper insights into your performance with Qlik. Whatever sport you’re into, or whatever fitness goal you have, you can dig into the detail you need to create your strategy to go for gold. Many trackers such as Fitbit have an API so that you can connect your data directly to your Qlik application.

2. Curating your collections - Do you have an embarrassingly large shoe or trainer collection? By creating some simple fields such as style, colour and occasion, with Qlik Sense you will easily be able to see what your best options are for each day, whatever your plans might be. And if you’re looking to cut back on your habit, this can be a handy point of reference when you’re in-store tempted to make your next purchase.

3. Personal Banking – This might not be the most exciting option but using your bank statement data to create Qlik visualisations can be a great way to really analyse your spending and to see where you can start saving a few extra pennies. One too many morning coffees or Friday night pints? You’ll soon discover it here.  

4. Foodies – Whether it’s cheese, wine, burgers or beer, you could use Qlik to find out where your taste buds should lead you next. Take a look at this example Qlik Sense application on beer in America  which gives information on everything from production by brewery to prices.

5. Just for fun – If you’re obsessed with any TV show or movie series like Game of Thrones or the Marvel Universe, there is plenty of publicly available data that you can pull into Qlik to impress your friends with new facts and figures. Check out sites like Kaggle to get yourself started.

If you are a student or academic who would like to get started on one of the above projects, make sure that you sign up for our Academic Program. Not only will you enjoy free Qlik software but you’ll also get access to a whole range of training resources to make you an expert in no time. Sign up here:

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