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When preparing students for employment after their studies, it’s useful to use real life stories to help emphasize the importance of being ready for this data driven workplace.

Our Qlik Academic Program team is often asked by educators for real life use cases and customer stories for their students. Students will be much more motivated and focused if they can understand the bigger picture of what they are studying and how it will serve them in the future.

In this blog I have put together some customer stories related to different industries. Students may not know which industry they’d like to venture into, but the wide range of stories collected in this blog are an example of how nearly every industry, around the globe, needs to utilize and understand their data.

Food & Beverage


This customer story from Wicked Sister shows us that even your dessert contains traces of data. Wicked Sister had been using excel reports and were still using paper to calculate their profit/loss reports, leading to large opportunity for human error. Read their customer story here to find out how Qlik Sense has helped them to better manage their data and keep growing.






Urban Outfitters is a well-known creative lifestyle brand that students are likely to have at least passed by for a window shop. Time consuming, unclear reporting meant that store managers spent most of their time in the back office and not enough on the sales floor. Read their story to learn about how utilizing their data has helped empower workers and improve in store performance.



HollyJohnson_3-1663773219805.pngConde Nast is the home of iconic brands such Vogue, Vanity fair and GQ but it’s not fashion that keeps these brands running day to day, it’s the data team that supports every function and department. Read about how issues with data accessibility and quality meant that Conde Nast sought out Qlik Sense to keep them competitive.




HollyJohnson_8-1663773378921.pngMany students will have heard of HSBC and may well have an account with them. The amount of data produced and used by a company the size of HSBC comes with challenges. HSBC needed to know which data was actually relevant, and then try locate where that data was stored. Click here to learn about how Qlik helped HSBC to tackle these problems.




Direct relief is an international non-profit humanitarian organization providing emergency medical assistance and disaster relief. Watch this video to learn about how utilizing data and adopting Qlik has enabled them to help more people at a lower cost and much faster.


Life Sciences



Data is at the core of everything Novartis do, from patient research to drug development. It is also vital that Novartis stay on top of their data. This video will tell you about how Novartis use insights from data to stay competitive and develop new medicines.


More of these stories can be found on our Qlik customer stories website. IF you want to start training for free on the software that is making a difference to so many of these companies, follow this link to learn more about our Qlik Academic Program –