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Former Employee


Sarah_Miller_0-1649087979261.pngToday I would like to introduce César Brochero Castel, an Academic Program Educator Ambassador for 2022!

Cesar lives in Argentina where he is an Educator and has been teaching for 7 years at both the Universidad de Palermo and the Universidad Católica. He was inspired to join the Academic Program after discussing with his colleague the difficulties he had using other analytics solutions. During his first several years he taught QlikView and then he migrated to Qlik Sense and has been using that ever since!  In addition to Qlik Sense, he also incorporates the Data Literacy training he is provided as part of his membership. Throughout his course the students are required to develop an analytical application using Qlik Sense in which each student freely explores the data with the aim of finding insights and sharing it with others.  To help them, they use the social network connector available in Qlik Sense and other resources to go beyond normal dashboard reporting.  During his time teaching Cesar has seen several students decide to use Qlik Sense during their employment which gives him great satisfaction to know that he has helped them out in their professional careers.

Cesar is also the Founder of QuAlytics SpA Chile which provides analytics solutions to South American companies using Qlik Sense. 

When asking Cesar where he believes the industry is going, he replies “I feel that analytical skills are required today more than ever. Today's world requires people trained in data literacy to face the challenges that the world demands. The data is there today, but we must be able to understand it and get something good out of it. We must all go in that direction.”

When Cesar is not teaching or building his business, he spends time with his family who just welcomed baby Olivia!

Educators and students looking for free analytics software and training can apply to the Academic Program today by visiting