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At an International conference on Data Science and Analytics ( ICDSA '17) organised by Department of Computer Science of Rathinam College, Coimbatore, Dr. Siddhartha Ghosh, Kandula Neha and Ballari Saha from Vidya Jyothi Institute of Technology, Hyderabad presented a paper of 'Data Analytics in Academics' explaining the challenges and issues faced by the academic community in analytics. This paper was among the final 120 papers selected from a total of 215 papers received by the organisers. Papers from the conference are being published in the ICT Academy, Bonfring and IJSER Journal. The publication has been undertaken by Coimbatore Institute of Information Technology, ISBN 978-1-941505-70-0


The researchers presented the various tools and technologies used most commonly in academics. They made some sample analysis using Qlik Sense of data using in educational institutions such as placement data, test results,faculty data and visualised their findings with the help of various charts and graphs in Qlik Sense. They also demonstrated how associations can reveal connections between various data sets thus demonstrating the potency of the patented Qlik Associative Indexing technology.


In the words of the researchers, following are their concluding remarks- This paper gives an overview of the Qlik Sense and its application the field of academics. It explores data deeply and shares insights instantly and reveal connections in the data to see opportunities visualized through charts, bar graphs, pie charts, histograms etc. The learning and understanding to look at data with new visualization options enriched us with data analytics in modern world and its application in academics.