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Former Employee
Former Employee

The new way to share apps in Qlik Sense Business

Attention Academic Program members,  the newest updates to Qlik Sense Business (cloud editions) were released this month.  For information on all the changes, visit the post from the Product Innovation Team on Community, Qlik-Sense-Product-Release-March-2020 

The main change you will see is how to share apps with others.  Rather than sharing apps from your personal space, apps will need to designated to one of your shared spaces in order to be shared to others.  

Here is the page to explain the change,

Here is the to explain how to add members to the shared space,

Professors and students with questions may email 

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Specialist III
Specialist III

Hi @Thomas_Hopp 


I have used all of the Shared Spaces as follows

  • Finance
  • Service
  • Sales
  • Management
  • Other

But on top of this I have one App that I want to share with one person only from the Sales, Finance & Service. If I had another Shared Stream I could have done this through another Shared Stream. But its so easy to so it by using Private Sharing

Also my client is sharing Apps with their Service Customers. So as Section Access can't be used for QSB I simple set up a new App where the Data is reduced for this App. And share this using Private Sharing.

I hope this is clear.

Private Sharing is a wonderful feature even though its View only (Power BI has something very similar and when using QSCB I wished Qlik has something similar). I'm still at a complete loss why you want to drop it. Even for QSE.

and re this

"When we looked at the usage of Personal Shape app sharing the data told us this was not a very popular capability. "

Because most people don't like change big or small. See how people hang onto View. But given time slowly people will start using this feature. Especially users who don't control the domain who can share for one other user (or more) to look at without going through the hassle of getting approval for it. Or setting up yet another new shared Space. Its what makes Excel so popular. Freedom (from often control freaks who like saying no or staff who haven't got time who administer the setting up of Shared Spaces) and PBI has this same option.

I feel Qlik have got it wrong (or not right yet) with Self Service. Hence the Gartner comment.  But this will be another step in the wrong direction. For example I want to try and move staff off Excel reporting to Qlik. Some users won't do this as they are proud of their Excel creations and in part like doing their own thing (at least I think this is the reason). I was about to try letting users use Data Manager etc to set up their own Apps and then use private sharing to share as required. I would be there to help. This move will kill it, As sharing the Apps they create will then not be possible. And even if it was (if I had access to more Shared Spaces) it just creates another barrier. If I was in their position I would want freedom to share as required. Or I would stay with Excel.

"While we would have preferred get the best of both world, it wasn’t feasible."

But it has been done and its working. You are removing a feature not adding one.






I know I'm late to the discussion, but I'll echo the concerns raised by @robert99. Imagine if Google decided that you can no longer share individual documents with individual people (in Google Drive), but that you could only share folders. Oh, and you can only have 5 folders total. That would be an insane move on their part, but it's exactly how the sharing model in Qlik Sense Business is set up.

Here's how that negatively affects our business:

  1. Individual employees almost always have access to more apps than they need. This clutters their view and causes 2, below.
  2. We're often forced to share apps with employees that they should not be able to access. This lack of control over visibility detracts from security.
  3. We now find ourselves at the maximum number of spaces because of our efforts to invent (poor) workarounds to the problems above. This forces us to look into alternative options, and I'll tell you right now that because of how many problems there are with QSB, QSE (or any other Qlik product, for that matter), will not be our first choice.

@Sarah_Miller and @Thomas_Hopp , if you can offer any help or insight, it would be much appreciated.

Specialist III
Specialist III

Hi @acbishop2 

Section Access is now available with QSB and QSE. It works well but can take time and effort to set up. And users who do not have access to an App can still see the App icon (it would be much better if the icon just wasn't shown) but if they click on it they get a 'cant access this App' message.

The other option that's being developed is hide sheets. Hopefully this can be done by user. And the sheet disappears (not still shown but can't be entered).

Another option is upgrading to QSE. I was about to do this but then Section Access was introduced. But this really knocks Self Service on the head as well. As only users who pay for the professional license (over twice as much and too much for my client) can do this (but for my client it worked out a bit cheaper due to Analyzer sharing).

Re other solution. Take care. The main 2 IMHO are not as good as Qlik (not even close). And PBI starts off cheaper but the costs can quickly climb. And both are not totally cloud solutions if required (like Qlik View).