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Training the next generation of BI Specialists


Qlik Luminary Angelika Klidas has watched the business intelligence Industry evolve from its infancy, to providing the powerful insight and foresight offered today. The fast paced nature of this industry means that students need to be data literate and experienced in modern analytics tools, so that they are best prepared to make a positive impact once they enter the workforce.  

In her teaching role at Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences, Angelika uses the Qlik Academic Program to  let her students get hands on with learning the craft of business intelligence. The resources available on the program allows Angelika to integrate Qlik directly into her in-classroom teaching, whilst also allowing students to learn independently through the Online Qlik Continuous Classroom. 

"I use Qlik in the classroom because it is the best BI tool I've found. It is state of the art and easy to use."

Read the full article from Angelika here.

If you are an academic or student interested in joining the program please visit  https://www.qlik.com/academic-program to sign up.