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Former Employee
Former Employee

"It automatically updates where they have all been found which is just ridiculous and amazing because to do this with other software is very challenging to say the least. And its more than one click, that's for sure"  Educator Danny Najera, Green River College

birds and bees.JPGA MUST WATCH! Green River College - Danny Najero 

Having worked in the Academic Program for many years now, meeting Educator Danny Najera was so exciting because I have never worked with an educator using Qlik for such unique purposes!

Danny teaches biology, environmental science and northwest ecology at Green River College in Washington State.  In these courses he use Qlik for both wild flower and bird data collection and analysis.  What do they do with this data?  The goal is to share the data with nature lovers who cannot visit the forest themselves or want to be prepared for their visit.  It can also be shared with local wildlife enthusiasts such as birding clubs, bee keeping societies, etc. Most importantly, it helps them establish and compare metrics about the health of the forest  and compare it to others.

In this video he demos the applications he has built which are used by his colleagues and the students.  He expresses his gratitude for Qlik Sense and credits the tool for allowing the students to focus on the science. He explains "In the past before we were using Qlik, the question was how do I get excel to show this graph. when we are using Qlik, they ask about the species, how long the buds last, etc, that alone shows me they get more knowledge about the species and are not being bogged down with the computer programming. "

In summarizing the students overall benefit using Qlik Danny explains "Even when we are out in the field, there are questions they will come up with as they watch a bird or smell a flower but there are also questions they cant think about yet.  Those only show up until after we've shown them the data. So they get both that naturalistic in person experience but also that scientific quantitative data level analysis as well"

He also credits Qlik for its ease of use, saying "The questions now are much more organism focused, biology focused, content focused and not so much on the difficulties". 

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