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Qlik Academic Program

This blog was created for professors and students using Qlik within academia.

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This week we would like to introduce Angelika Klidas, who happens to be a returning Educator Ambassador.  We are excited to have been able to select Angelika as an Ambassador for the 2nd year in a row due to her continued enthusiasm for Qlik’s Academic Program and her efforts in 2021. On a personal front, Angelika became grandma to Dean last year and she’s very excited about this!

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Angelika’s journey with Qlik began in 2008 when she started out installing and managing a successful QlikView Competence Center as a team manager of the team. Since then, she has always been a huge Qlik advocate in both her day job and her university teaching. Angelika works as an Operations Manager at Bitmetric BV and is responsible for general management, determining the strategic and tactical direction of the company, sales and account management along with some innovative work! She also teaches Data and Analytics at the University of Applied Sciences in Amsterdam which is her part time role. She is a conceptual thinker who lives by the phrase “think big, act small, and scale fast” which she uses to inspire others to evolve in their use of data and analytics.

Angelika applied to become a Professor Ambassador with the Qlik Academic Program as she is passionate about educating students in data analytics and championing the cause of data literacy. Due to the change in situation in the field of education, she included new aspects in her teaching style which include preparing questions in Kahoot and some sheets around that topic. This helps students, in her opinion, filter the data with filters and be able to teach them more.

For 2022, she aims to work on updating her teaching materials, actualizing the new data sets for her case “the milkshake bar” and, on a lighter note, help students that did not finish the assignments to finish their assignments!

Angelika is proud of the fact that she is the Qlik Academic Program Ambassador and has included the Educator Ambassador badge, mentioned it on her resume and  highlights it in her presentations. She is keen to present at Qlik World, Qlik’s flagship event, and hopefully that might materialize in the future!

In Angelika’s words, “I love the power of grey, love the academic program and the great benefit that it gives to me and my students. My students are able to pursue their dreams when they want to work in the Data & Analytics work field.” She is excited about the fact that some of her students got a job in the data & analytics world field, which is amazing!

Angelika feels that more and more organizations are now emphasizing the importance of data literacy and putting data management in place. She loves to work with the four pillar system on which she wrote a blog around this topic recently,

In Angelika’s words, “I love the (academic) program, it helps the students in gaining analytics knowledge for my students. They can learn at their own pace and look for solutions through the learning platform, but also use the knowledge from the community and where they can find all kinds of cool solutions”

We are looking forward to working closely with Angelika during her tenure as an ambassador yet again and to creating more links with Universities in the Netherlands. For more information about our Ambassador Program please visit: