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I feel pleased to introduce our new Educator Ambassador for 2023, Sumitra Pundlik from MIT ADT University, Pune, India.  Sumitra is an Educator since the last 14 years and is currently working as a Senior Assistant Professor at MIT ADT University. She is the Specialization Head Coordinator for Data Analytics and overlooks the curriculum design.

Sumitra teaches various subjects related to Data Analytics such as DBMS, Advanced DBMS, Machine Learning, Big Data Analytics. She has also taught R and Python Programming including different BI and visualization technologies including Qlik Sense. 

Sumitra has been a member of the Qlik Academic Program since the last two years and has also successfully earned the Qlik Sense Business Analyst Qualification.  After earning this qualification, she supported the learning journey of more than 50 students and encouraged them to pursue Qlik Sense Business Analyst Qualifications.

According to her, “The Qlik Academic Program provides a great opportunity for students to access many online resources and different qualifications and certifications including Data Literacy, Qlik Sense Business Analyst and Qlik Sense Data Architect. The interactive material of the academic program helps students to excel in the field of data analytics”.

A landmark step has been the inclusion of Qlik in the data analytics specialization within the curriculum of the Information Technology Department, MIT School of Computing at MIT ADT University. This specialization is designed to enable students to become a qualified data analyst. According to Sumitra, there's a tremendous demand for such specializations among graduates and they are eager to acquire specialized courses for future opportunities. 

“We are leveraging resources from the Qlik Academic Program for second year engineering students as a part of their data visualization course and third year engineering as a part of their data analytics course. Along with this, we are encouraging students from other disciplines to become a part of the Qlik academic program” according to Sumitra.   

Further she adds, “I have been spreading awareness about the Qlik Academic Program and its benefits to other engineering colleges by conducting expert sessions via social media platforms”

Sumitra says, “Moving ahead, we are keen for internship and job opportunities for our students who have a good understanding of Qlik Sense and have earned the academic program qualifications.”

In Sumitra’s words, “Data literacy is my interest and I want to educate every data science enthusiast about the importance of data literacy.”

She feels it’s her mission to create more awareness about data analytics and encourage use of Qlik Sense. Data is the new fuel, and it is driving the current industry, she further adds.

Looking ahead, she endeavors to become part of the 2024 Qlik Academic Ambassador Program!

When Sumitra is not teaching, she likes spending time with her son, Viraj. She is focusing on upskilling herself in recent trends, also taking care of her health and following a workout routine. 

We are looking forward to working closely with Sumitra during her tenure as an ambassador and creating more links with Universities in Pune and rest of India.

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