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Florence Nightingale may not be the first person who springs to mind when you think of big data, but in fact it's not such a strange pairing as you may initially think. 


Did you know that before Florence became a nurse she trained as a statistician? And prior to the Crimean War she became a successful hospital manager. During that war she combined her nursing and statistics to reduce death rates in military hospitals from 42% to just 2%, and used infographics to ensure that politicians couldn't ignore the figures. 


This short BBC ideas video directed by James Quinn  encourages us to think about what Florence might think of the vast volumes of data available to us today, and the opportunities that we have to use that data to make the world a better place. 


Our Qlik Academic Program aims to give University students the ability to read, work with, analyse and argue with data to bring about positive change, regardless of their discipline or area of interest. And the program is also open to University academics who want to bring this teaching into their classrooms. To find out more or to sign up visit:, and maybe you could be the next Florence Nightingale!