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Automation for Backing up Qlik Applications in Github


So I create this automation, which basically every time an up is published, will take some information from the app, like the name and space name, it will export the app without data, will have a variable with the date when the app is being published and then will create a backup of the app (without data) in Github. This is very important to have previous versions stored in case we change something from the app, we publish it and then if the last changes didn't work well, we can go back in time to previous versions. 




So the variable block it has a date function: 



And then, the "create file content block" of GitHub: Will have the user and repo name, and the path will be Space Name / APP Name & Date. So for each space, I will have a list of the apps published with the date and time, so I have the complete history of all the versiones published.


The versions will be stored inside the directory with the name of the space, and inside the directory will be all the apps from the space, with the different versions of when the app was published:




First of all I would like some feedback of the automation. What things I could improve.

Second, I was thinking to create an automation that publish all the apps from different spaces into managed spaces. I wonder what will happen with this automation to create backups, since it start running every time an app is published (webhook run mode). Will create like a queue of the apps that has to store in github, or will be interrupted every time a new up is published before the previous one has been stored ? (In case the action of publishing finish before the app is stored in githun, maybe I could put both actions (Publish and Backup in Github) in one automation.








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Hi @FranciscoQ ,

Please check this post: https://dataonthe.rocks/whats-in-it-for-them/ 

It has a detailed flow on how to build the automation for backing up apps to Github.

I hope this helps!

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Some additional links that can help you:





hope this helps.