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Posting Data to Qlik- Using Java Rest Template giving 308

Hi Qlik users,

I am relatively new to Qlik  and trying to develop a POC. 

My requirement is to post a user data file to Qlik account - call the REST end point - via Java and see the file appear in the Data option in my account . 

When I try the end point via postman getting the error -Request must have 'name' specified while posting new file . Adding my request screen -



Response : 


Also I tried via calling this with Rest Template - but getting 308 . A sample to make this request successfully would be much appreciated and useful for me . Also an explanation of what the variables in BOLD should be which is given in the  developer portal -




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Partner - Specialist
Partner - Specialist

this post should probably be moved to another section (has nothing to do with Qlik Application Automation) but i would still like to comment on it.

I myself tried this yesterday when I saw this API endpoint. I get the same error message that the request must contain a 'name' parameter (400 - Bad request). I use postman and I believe the request should be ok;

curl --location --request POST "" \
--header "Content-Type: multipart/form-data" \
--header "Authorization: Bearer xxxxxxxxxxxx" \
--form "name=\"testFromAPI.csv\"" \
--form "connectionId=\"9ee38f4f-bedf-44f2-aeba-8c29d82eef5\"" \
--form "file=@\"/C:/xxxxxxx/testFromAPI.csv\""
Accourding to data-files post  only name and file is mandatory, others are optional.
Br Johan