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Run automation only during workdays and work hours

With 5,000 automations that can be ran a month, I would like to reduce my automations by not running them during the weekends or on off hours.  This would greatly reduce the number of automations I am running.  Is there a way to do this in Qlik Automation?  

I am not looking to use a condition to not show the results during these times.  I am looking to not run the automations during these periods, at all.


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Check if details in below link is helpful, looks like Qlik is still working on better options to do that -



Thank you for the response.  I reviewed that link.  It doesn't look like it stopping the automation on the weekends but just not showing the results.

I am trying to not allow the automation to run at all to help preserve my 5,000 automations.  There are so many wasted automations.  

If I was paying for the 20,000 automations or more and more than half of them were useless due to being ran on the weekends or after hours, I would be pretty upset with that.