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In this post, we will cover getting notified of events or actions inside of Qlik Sense. 

Before we move to the potential solutions, we need to be clear about the problem we want to solve. Examples of the types of problems which will be covered include:

  • Notifications on task failures
    • Email alerts
    • Push to external systems
  • Work-flows which trigger on a particular action
    • Automatic app promotion to other tiers of a deployment
  • Integration of Qlik side of an existing alerting / monitoring infrastructure
    • Splunk, Nagios, etc

By fair, the most common scenario where this style of problem surfaces is sending an email alert when a task fails to reload.


Inside of the Qlik suite of products, there are multiple approaches to solving this problem. These include:

  • Apache Log4Net Appenders
    • smtp Appender
    • utp Appender
  • Qlik Sense Repository Notification API
  • Qlik SMTP / Notification Connector which is a part of the Qlik Web Connectors package

Each approach has relative benefits and drawbacks, but the cleanest distinction is between ease of configuration and sophistication of the output:



For a video overview of this blog post with examples of each approach refer to:

For more in-depth reviews of each option:


Great post. Very informative.

Question: For the SMTP/UDP Appenders, would I need to configure an appender on each node of a clustered environment?


Yes you need to add them on each node.

Or put differently: You will only get notifications from the node where the appended file exists (and is correctly configured, which can be a challenge).

Levi’s tutorials are awesome and a great starting point, if you want more code/examples to look at, there are some SMTP and UDP appenders in the Butler open source tool, https://butler.ptarmiganlabs.com/, with the actual files hosted at Github.

Especially the UDP option opens up a lot of interesting possibilities. By creating a suitable UDP appender config file, you can basically get notified about any log event that you see in your servers’ log files. Some coding will be required, but nonetheless quite powerful stuff.


Disclaimer: Butler is an open source project that I created. It’s free, use or modify as/if/when needed.