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QVD Generator using Bynary Load from another QVW

Greatings all,

I'll share with the community one good QVW document that I've made.

Name of the QVW document:

  • QVD Generator.qvw

What this qvw do?

  1. Using an external QVW, get all tables and data by a bynary load
  2. Store all data from each table to a QVD with the same name as the table in your personal desktop
  3. Drop all table and all data from the QVD Generator to compress the unecessary size of the QVW resultant after reload

When this qvw is used?

  • When you receive a QVW from a client and you don't have the access to the source databases
  • When you have to help a person in this community and they share a QVW with the data that has one or more connections to an external database that you can't access
  • When you forgot or lose the connection for the source database and have old data in a old QVW that you still need that information
  • etc...

Hope all of you guys enjoy this solution that I came up with

Best regards for all of you,


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