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Partner - Creator II
Partner - Creator II

Limitations on using the Qlik Data Movement Gateway when using SAP HANA V1 Runtime Edition license???...


We have a prospect that is using SAP R3 (to be more precise: ECC 6 EHP 8 SAP_BASIS 750_0004) using a Runtime Edition license of HANA v1. 

My questions are the following:

* Are there any limitations in the functionality of the Qlik Data Movement Gateway (other than the ones explicitly mentioned in the page) caused by the use of a Runtime Edition of HANA (vs. Enterprise Edition)?;

* Would the customer be able to use both the SAP Application and Database connectors in the Data Movement Gateway or does the Runtime Edition of HANA limits which of these connectors can be used?;

* If there are limitations caused by the use of the Runtime Edition of HANA, how do these impact the use of the Qlik SAP Accelerators?;

* Is use of SAP ODP included in the Runtime Edition of HANA; and,

* When will the Data Movement gateway support ODP?

Please advise.



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Contributor II
Contributor II

I'm wanting to follow this topic as we're going to be implementing similar. Unfortunately I don't have any solutions for you, but I suspect given the time since your question you possibly found a solution and if so, I wondered if you could share it here please? Many thanks in advance.


For RunTime license restricted environments, current support would be handled by the SAP extractor endpoint. 


However, SAP ODP is currently being worked on.   I cannot provide an explicit timeframe via this forum.  Please dm or email me if you would like to discuss.  Thanks, Tim.