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Contributor III
Contributor III

New to Data Integration - Do we need Amazon S3 environment?


We have up to now been completing our ETL via app scripts for core reportable areas in one of our source systems.  These then store outputs into a data space for consumption by other apps, reports, insights and users so all working from the same cleansed data source.


Recently we've been looking at using the data integration side of our Qlik Cloud tenant however unsure how to get started?

We do not have a staging area, is this mandatory? 

We want to be able to transform our data (from combination of PostgreSQL, MS SQL and MY SQL databases along with REST APIs) and store back into your Qlik Cloud tenant as QVDs for the same reasons as above.

It seems i cannot create a data project without Amazon S3 - is that correct? - would had thought (naively perhaps) the functionality would all be within our Qlik Cloud tenant - but i'm guessing not.



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Partner Ambassador
Partner Ambassador

when using QCDI for storing into QVD you need an AWS account for landing and storage in a S3 Bucket