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Partner - Creator II
Partner - Creator II

Step by step move QV SAP Connector to SAAS


This is the context :
I need to migrate QV applications on SAAS , these QV applications pull data from SAP SQL every day without fail.
I am in possession of all the necessary licenses.
What are the steps required to install the SAP SQL connector on the SAAS ?

I would need in a very schematic way the various steps:

  1.  Step1
  2.  Step2
  3. Step3

Thanks in advance

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The Qlik Sense SaaS environment includes 3 SAP Connectors for you to use. As long as you know the connection parameters you should be in good shape. *** Providing you don't have a firewall in the way or can open it to traffic from your tenant.



Partner - Creator II
Partner - Creator II

Hi @Dalton_Ruer ,

on the side of the SAP operator , they ask me :

 Could you tell me the public IP of the platform on which this QLIK Cloud is used so that we can allow it to access ?

Could you also tell me if the request should be redirected to the HTTP, HTTPS or SMTP port?