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Apply selections for another QVW document

Hello dear Community!

I have old.qvw and new.qvw files. It is possible to make selections in the one of them to see/apply existing selections to another one?

(Files will be open at the same time).

If you have any ideas, please let me know. I am new to QV (and I am a girls ) so explain in an easy way)) Thanx.

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Apply selections for another QVW document


     There is a one way.

     You can open new.qvw file -> create a button which will open the old.qvw file and pass all the selection from new.qvw file.

     With button object you can add an action which will open a new qvw file.


Kaushik Solanki

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Apply selections for another QVW document

Emmm, the problem is to apply Current Selections from one file to another.

For example,

In the first file Sales.qvw I have all information about sales. And I have chosen only “2012” and “January”.

In the second file Budget.qvw I have the same calendar and I need an automatic selection, in this example --> “2012”; “January”.

P.S. Thank you, Kaushik Solanki , but I did not understand how to „pass all the selectionsfrom new.qvw file”.