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Post showing as Updated

Today when I go to the Browse, Discussions link


many old posts -- from 5 months ago -- sort to the top of the list.


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Re: Post showing as Updated

Thanks for your comment Rob-

I have been in the middle of 'cleaning house'. I am deleting old, inactive, and duplicative groups in QlikCommunity. I am moving threads from the Development Group to the Development Sub-Community.

Benefits to QlikCommunity members:

  • The sub-community is open with a much larger audience resulting in more potential answers and more information for the entire community.
  • Reduction in redundancy and silo-ing of content

I expect to be done in the next 24 hours and apologize for any older threads filtering up. I didn't want to delete them as many contain valuable information and some are also still unanswered.

Thanks for your patience.

Re: Post showing as Updated

Thanks for the explanation Sara.


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Re: Post showing as Updated

Rob, thank you for the question.

Sara, thank you for the answer.

I just replied to a question before noticed it was 7 months old...  Now it makes sense.