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Sum from 2 different tables

Hi, i'm new in qlikview and in the SQL world, so i'm having a little trouble lately.

I have two tables: Sales and Budget.

And I want to compare sales x budget to see how the thing goes.

But the problem is that i'm not able to create a pivot table from the Budget table and sum the amount of sales on it with a set analisys to the salesman or to the product as is on the budget table.

So, i imagine that i might do something on the script, or even in the pivot table but i cant figure out.

So, if anyone can help me, i would apreciate.


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Re: Sum from 2 different tables

Ruy ,

First of all you have to go for the association of the two table data .

There should be a key to link them all and enable you to compare .

like The ID or Date as Unique key .

Hence first make good your data model .