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Hello Qlik Community!

Once again, we've made more exciting enhancements in the month of May (and early June).


1. New Qlik Resources Page

2019-06-12 Qlik Resources Nav.png

In place of the Qlik Company page, we now have a Qlik Resources page with links to a wide array of Qlik resources, including portals, sites, and social media channels. It's your one stop shop for all things Qlik. Since this page offers easy access to so many other Qlik resources, be sure to bookmark it.

2019-06-12 Qlik Resources Cards.png


2. Sort Feeds by Date on the Fly

2019-06-12 Sort By Filters Context.png


The filter selection for content feeds now has two more options - Sort by Original Post Date and Sort by Latest Reply.


Sort by Original Post Date to see the order threads were created, or choose Latest Reply to see which threads are currently active with new replies. You can still make your own selection in My Settings, and use this filter when you want to switch views temporarily. To do so, go to My Settings > Preferences > General > Sort Topics by.

2019-06-11 My Settings Sort Topics.png

3. New Blog - Qlik Architecture Deep Dive Blog


2019-06-12 Architecture Blog Image.png

The Qlik architecture team has launched a new blog for deep dives into specific back-end technologies which allow for the extension of Qlik to fit the needs of the enterprise. Blog posts so far cover getting notifications from Qlik Sense, SMTP, UDP, and external program tasks. Check out the Qlik Architecture Deep Dive Blog and welcome them to the community. 

With the addition of this Architecture blog, Qlik Community now has eight blogs!



4. Standardized Date Display

2019-06-12 ISO Date.png

Discussion board pages were using a different date format from the rest of the community. Now, all dates displyed in the community are ISO format of YYYY-MM-DD.


5. Icons for Partners

2019-06-12 Partner Rank Leaderboard.png


Looking for a partner? We've added a new rank icon for community members who are Qlik partners, and "Partner" is listed next to their usernames.



6. Link Fixes

We've made updates to repair broken links in the community due to the platform migration. This was particularly affecting links to blog posts, but also some other pages as well. Now, they redirect to the proper page. 

If you find any links that still need to be repaired, let us know with a comment below and a link to the page the broken link is on.


Thanks for reading and thanks for being a community member. As always, let us know if you have any questions or feedback.



Jeremy and the Qlik Community team




it's nice that it's possible to sort by original post date now. Good work!

I've made the change to "Sort topics by" in my profile and the "Blogs"-page is affected too (which was something I hoped for). Unfortunately there is no option for switching the sort order on the "Blogs"-page (like at the "Documents"-page). Is it possible to add switching the sort order to https://community.qlik.com/t5/Blogs/ct-p/qlik-community-blogs?

Kind regards

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Hi Peter,

It's great to hear you are a fan of the new sort option.

Thanks for the feedback about the blogs pages. You are right that there isn't a sort for blogs pages -- they are sorted by the date of the blog post only. I'll talk to the rest of the community team about adding the other sort options for blogs.