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Qlik Community Missions and Badges Updates

Hello Qlik Community Members,

We have just launched updates to our existing Missions and Badges which include:

  • Redesigned Mission Badges updated with the Qlik look and feel
  • Additional descriptions for more complicated missions
  • Qlik Community Tip document outlining Navigation, Mission details, Available Missions, and Difficulty Ratings
  • New Missions: Document Rater and Personable

We will be launching additional missions in the coming months to encourage more complicated activities and recognize special contributors. New missions will be applied on a going forward  basis to encourage and reward associated actions. So if you completed the required actions before the Mission was created, you will need to complete them again to receive the badge. As new missions launch we will announce them here and also update the associated Qlik Community Missions and Badges Resource Document.

-The Qlik Community Team

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Nice idea about missions!  I'm exploring much more because of them