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Community Manager

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This week our Qlik Community has reached a significant milestone - 100k members!   Over the past year and a half, the Qlik Community has practically doubled in size and we have made countless UI/UX updates in the spirit of always improving. However, what makes me smile at the end of each day is knowing that there are many of you who take time out of your day simply to help another human being.   That's what it's all about.  People helping people. 

This became glaringly obvious with the launch of a community COVID-19 group where we saw community participation from new members, longtime members, Qlik executives and many of our prominent luminaries. Thank you!

In a short timeframe we have onboarded many internal Qlikkies to our Qlik Community. This was just as important as onboarding our customers and partners!  Most recently, we have:

I find it moving to witness, every single day, the coming together of people to collaborate online and help one another solve challenges big and small.   Today, collaborating online carries more significance than ever before.  

Whether you are a new customer, longtime customer, partner, die-hard Qlik fan, community MVP, developer, BI expert or prospect visiting our Qlik Community, we appreciate you and will never take your visit to our online destination for granted.

Thank you for allowing Qlik Community to be a part of your day and thank you for helping us achieve this amazing milestone.  

See you online!


This is just amazing! I'm so proud of both our Community team, and our customers and partners who give it life. Here's to our next 100k!  🥂 😍


Community Manager
Community Manager

Wonderful! Thank you Qlik Community members. Like Melissa wrote,  its people helping people. You are all amazing and inspiring.