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Anyone converted EastingsNorthings to LongitudeLatitude in Compose?

Hi friends


All of our source location data is provided to us as EastingsNorthings, whilst the primary consumer of the data is QlikSense which uses LongitudeLatitude for mapping location purposes.


We use and understand Qlik GeoCoding in the dashboard front end, but would prefer to keep the transformation in the QDI suite. Our DBAs can provide us with SQL Server specific code, but we'd be starting from scratch incorporating it into Compose.


Does anyone have some experience of building this in Compose and would be happy to share that experience? 

Thanks in advance


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@jonna , I don't have experience with that specific conversion, but in Compose there are different ways to implement this type of transformation.

1. Create a custom scalar UDF (SQL Server function) and leverage it in the field expressions in your mappings 

2. Create a Compose reusable transform and leverage it in the field expressions in your mappings

3. Leverage a Single-Table ETL to modify the data in the staging table.


My preference would be to leverage either #1 or #2.   If you need further assistance, please provide the SQL Server code to perform the translation, and I can provide more details on how to implement. 

If you have the SQL Server code, and would like to send it - I can show you have to implement it in Compose. 


That's great @TimGarrod, very much appreciated. I would like to take you up on your kind offer, please give me some time to get hold of the code from the DBAs

Many thanks, jonna