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Access calendar from other people

Hey everyone!

I have asked this question a couple of months ago and I hope something has changed. The recent web connector has the ability to read my outlook calendar entries which is great! In addition I would like to read calendars from other people which I have access to.

Does this work? If yes, how does the load script look like?



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Re: Access calendar from other people

I am also very intrested in this, would be super handy.

I think it's not acheivable through the load script because the webconnector extracts only events from your general calendar?

I also looked into the api documentation for outlook calendar.
I think it's technically possible to extract events from other peoples calendar you have access to by using their id.
GET /users/{id | userPrincipalName}/calendargroups/{id}/calendars/{id}/events

Maybe this can be added to this connector so we can use other users id's and other calendars id's?