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After migrating from Qlik Web Connector to REST Connector performance is terrible

I've recently migrated over from Qlik Web Connectors to the native REST Connector in Qlikview.
I am finding that after the migration, my reload times are massively slower eg. 3 min reload now takes 27 mins; and another has gone from 12mins to 1h35min.

Here's how my documents are set up:
I have about 5 different documents that each make many calls to an XML Webservice.
The urls are dynamically generated from the contents of previous calls, so there can end up being hundreds of webservice calls with each reload.

eg. Using a football anology:

In a nutshell.. You can see how competitions -> fixtures -> matchstats ends up being a lot of calls to the webservice.

When I was using the Qlik Web Connectors, there was an option to return the RAW xml. I found this the quickest way to get to the data I needed, even though I had to write my own parsing. 
With the REST Connector I can't see any option to return the RAW xml, so I'm unable to use the parsing I wrote, and have to use the scaffolded SQL-like code that is generated (which looks awesome!), but unfortunately is proving very slow in comparison. 
I have reduced the scaffolded code to only the necessary lines, so I'm not parsing more XML than I need to, but this hasn't made a noticeable impact.

Please can someone assist me with this, specifically

  • Has anyone else experienced this issue and found a way to improve the speed?
  • Is there a way to bypass the SQL-like parser and return the full XML data string?

Unfortunately I can't post an example as the code and webservices are all private and NDAs apply. 
Thanks very much in advance.

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