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Data extract from SAP suddenly takes very long


we are running an SAP ECC6.0 with EHP7. The data load from QlikView worked fine (connector 6.3.2) but from one day to another the run time was much longer (up to factor 10!).

At this point, we neither changed something on SAP nor on Qlikview side or corresponding server environment. Nevertheless, we checked network and monitored the SAP environment but couldn’t find any abnormalities there.

In the meantime, we had to reboot the SAP server and we were surprised that QlikView job times were back to normal… but after some days the long runners were back.

Any hint what can be checked on Qlikview to figure out the root of the problem?



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Re: Data extract from SAP suddenly takes very long

Hi Jens,

From the tags in your message, I assume you are only using the Qlik SAP Extractor Connector.  Is there any other connectors running jobs at the same time?

Have you restarted the SrvService.exe recently?

How many Extractor Connector jobs are usually running in parallel?

If looking at the log file for the SrvService  ("SrvService_xxxx.txt" in the folder: C:\ProgramData\QlikTech\Custom Data\QvSAPConnector\Log) can you see the time stamp delay between "Requesting a new SAP Data job" and the first package (should have the same internal id, e.g. "Id: 1", if the SrvService was just started) ?

Has the time stamp delay changed from before for the same extractor jobs? 

Any errors in that log file (SrvService) ?

Any errors in the other log file (QvSAPExtr_xxxx_xxx.txt) ?


Best regards,