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Facebook insights page data in Cloud


I'm trying to retrieve data from Facebook insights. When I ask for post information I have no problem, but when I try to get information from a page I have the error message: "There was an error retrieveng page_fans_insights.... This method must be called with a Page Access Token..."

Does anybody know how I should do the connection?

I use standard connection with cloud sense

Thanks in advance

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Re: Facebook insights page data in Cloud

Hi, welcome in my club!!!



Facebook announced some changes to our Developer Offerings and some upcoming breaking changes as part of v2.11 of the API. These changes came into effect on 06/02. As a result, the user will still be able to authenticate but will not be able to retrieve any data as for getting page / insights it is now required to use a Page Access Token matching that page.

Error message that you can probably find in logs:  This method must be called with a Page Access Token

This is a known issue affecting all version of Web Connectors. Bug ID: QCWPI-742

NOTE: R&D is currently trying to resolve this

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