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General Web Connector with Secure Website

Hi Community,

Here is my scenario: I have access to an  website that can be used to provide JSON data.  The website requires a username and password to access.  Once the user has authenticated with the website, an authentication token is placed in a cookie and that cookie is then used by subsequent URL calls (transparent to the user).   Lastly, the URL calls that return data are parameterized.  So, if I were going to access data manually, I would go to the login page of the website, enter my credentials, and then, after authentication, enter a URL with parameters to filter the query used to return the JSON data.

So, in my research it appears that the General Web Connector might provide a way to address this issue.  Given what I've described, is the General Web Connector the connector to use?  If not, is there another connector that would address this issue?

If the GWC is the way to handle this issue, I have a couple questions (having installed the Nov 2018 patch 2 web connectors). 

1.  What is the workflow for creating the connection?  I have attempted the following: 

Selecting JsonToTable as the Table; Using GET as the Request Method; entering a URL that calls a query with parameter in the URI field; and entering my username and password in the two basic authentication fields in the parameters form.  The result was the following error message:  There was an error running the table (Unexpected character encountered while parsing value: <. Path '', line 0, position 0.).  I do not know if the error is because of the way I've completed the parameters form or if it is caused by something else.  I suspect I haven't done everything necessary.  I didn't enter anything in the cookie field, for example.

2. My hope is that I can dynamically change the parameters passed on the URL in the load script.  Since I haven't yet gotten to a point where I'm returning data, I haven't been able to  test how this might be done with the GWC.  Is it possible?  Are there any samples available for how to do this?

Thanks in advance!

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Re: General Web Connector with Secure Website

Any updates on this?