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Google Drive & Spreadsheets Connector, several Google accounts

Is it possible to retrieve data from Google spreadsheets assigned to different Google accounts?

I generated load scripts for my Google account #1 and they worked fine. Then I proceeded to my Google account #2, and I was asked to enter "CanAuthenticate" parameters for it, but it was not possible without deleting parameters for my account #1 in the form. The load scripts for account #2 were generated and worked okay, but ones for account #1 just stopped working!

If I understand correctly, Google account parameters are stored in file "App_Data\DEFAULT0-0000-0000-0000-000000000000\ConnectorSettings.xml", and as soon as I enter "CanAuthenticate" data for the second account, the data on the first one gets deleted and replaced with the second account data in that XML. But when I replaced that XML file with the previous file, the scripts for account #1 started working again, but for account #2 stopped.

Is it possible to combine data on two Google accounts in one ConnectorSettings.xml? Maybe there is another solution?

Many thanks in advance!