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JIRA Web Connector Internal Server Error

Hi All,


I am using the JIRA Web Connector to load the "Issues" table into a Qlik Sense application.  The script that loads the Issues table is the only script in the app.  I have a task which reloads this app daily,  and I am seeing some unusual behavior where some of the time the task will reload successfully and other times the task will fail with an Internal Server Error.  Has anyone experienced this behavior before with any Web Connectors?



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Re: JIRA Web Connector Internal Server Error

I am experiencing the same error. Were you ever able to resolve this?

EDIT: For us, it was accidentally running a previous, unconfigured version of the web connector on the server after an unplanned reboot.


Re: JIRA Web Connector Internal Server Error

Hey Mark, 

I'd suspect things may not be correctly configured as noted by @rgoldenvelodyne .

What version of the Qlik Web Connectors are you using?  (or were you using, if this has since been resolved)

If you have already resolved this yourself, please be sure to mark this question as solved and don't hesitate to share your findings in case someone else hits this issue in the future.  Thanks!

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