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Jira Connector


My team would like to get one field from the worklog to know when the developer last logged a time..

But the Worklog in Jira Connector only works for 1 ticket at a time.. Is there anyway to get all tickets for one project loaded at once?

Thank you

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MVP & Luminary

Re: Jira Connector

Hi Yifan,

I believe that you will need to pull down a list of all of the tickets in the Worklog and then set up a loop to enumerate around each of these pulling the detail for each ticket one at a time.

You will probably want to build in some kind of incremental load, so you are only pulling new or changed tickets, if possible.

Hope that helps.

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Re: Jira Connector

How can you set up an incremental load with the JIRA API? Don't you have to build the API using JQL so you would have to create a new API connection to update the date for new tickets? Does that make sense or am I crazy?